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PostSubject: QUEST CONTEST   QUEST CONTEST EmptySun Apr 22, 2012 6:33 pm

Hello, CityScape'rs. I have just created the Polypore Staff, but I need to make a quest for it. Sadly, I'm all out of creativity juices.

The Contest: Create a storyline for a quest. Keep in mind that the reward for completing the quest will be a Polypore Staff

1st Place: One item of choice + Polypore Staff
2nd Place: Polypore Staff
3rd Place: 100 PKP

Remember, I need a storyline.
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kay elite

kay elite

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PostSubject: my storyline   QUEST CONTEST EmptySun Apr 22, 2012 6:49 pm

you start by going into a city full of witches where is alot of panic, people running and shouting : AMANDA WHERE ARE YOU??!!!!

when you start to the head witch she tells you there best witch is gone missing and no1 knows where she is and askes if you can help and search.

then you need to look around for clues when you ask some1 if he seen her he answers maybe, i need a drink to refresh my brain Wink then you need 80 herblore to make the drink give it him he tells she went south

keep going south until there is a swamp you need to go over some stone you need 75 agil.

then you see a girl and you ask if she saw the witch. then you need to fix a sliding puzzle 75 minind 80 smithing neededg needed and then she tells you she is to the west walk to the west...

then the last person you see is a monk that losts his holy book and his new book needs to be blessed 90magic and 95 prayer needed.

he tells you a monster took her into a cave to the west.

after walking a while you find it go in the cave there is a monster from lvl 460 kill it you see amanda running to you saying ty so much!

then go back to the witch city and talk to amanda she tells you thank you so much! how can i thank you? ooh i know here take my old staff and some fungi use it to make a powerfull staff
80farm needed

DONE Smile
hope you like my idea.

storyline in a sentence: a witch is lost and you need to find her Razz
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