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 Quest for the polymore

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Quest for the polymore Empty
PostSubject: Quest for the polymore   Quest for the polymore EmptySun Apr 22, 2012 10:47 pm

{The Stolen Polymore[name of quest(subject to change)]}


player: hello how are you today?


PLayer: whats wrong?

npc1: (npc2) robbed me

Player: what has he stolen?

npc1:the most powerfull staff in cityscape! The Polymore Staff.Will you help me get it back?

Player:yes, i would love to.

npc1:you must defeat the almighty nomad then come back to me

(player kills nomad and returns to npc1)

player:I defeated him and he droped this:black drag hide and a dbone

npc1:hmm what could this mean.....

PLayer: oh oh I think i know I need to kill a black drag

npc1:no that would be to easy... hmmm

npc1: oh! you must go kill the king black dragon

(player kills kbd)

(npc pops up)

npc2:you may have killed nomad and kbd but you will never kill nex!

(npc2 teles to nex)

(player follows)

player:Nex smex easy pease (kills nex and binds/frezes npc2)

Player: you can either be slayed by me or you can hand over the polymore staff. (90 slayer)

npc2:You will have to kill me to get the powerful polymore!

(player kills npc2 and obtains staff and returns to npc1)

player: i have defeated (npc2) and gotten back the polymore staff.

npc1:thank the lord it is in the right hands now.
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Quest for the polymore
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